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Fanuc Teach Pendants

Fanuc Teach PendantThe Robot Company stocks replacements for virtually every teach pendant currently available:

A05B 2018 C0XX Series
A05B 2020 C14X Series
A05B 2115 C00X Series
A05B 2051 C14X Series
A05B 2301 C30X Series
A05B 2301 C36X Series
A05B 2301 C37X Series
A05B 2490 C37X Series
A05B 2518 C37X Series
A05B 2518 C20X Series

The RJ teach pendant is FANUC’s universal pendant. It works with FANUC’s RJ, RJ2, and RJ3 controllers. This user-friendly and hand-held  device makes it easy to program a variety of FANUC robot models. The RJ FANUC teach pedant has a number of usability features including a backlit LCD screen, LED status indicators, and a deadman switch.

We can provide you with a replacement pendant, a spare or repair yours for a fraction of the cost of new.

Each FANUC teach pendant we sell has been inspected to quality and is under warranty to guarantee your satisfaction. Contact us  to discuss your FANUC teach pendant needs.

We also stock teach pendant cables for these pendants.

Need to Exchange or Repair a Fanuc Teach Pendant?

Each Fanuc Teach Pendant we sell is under warranty to guarantee your satisfaction. Contact us or call us at 800-487-5487 to discuss your Fanuc Teach Pendant needs